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A little self into:
I love colours and have Synesthesia
I sleep a lot

Hey everyone, long time no see.
My birthday just passed, thanks to everyone who wished me a birthday.

Now time for the actual stuff,
I've been in and out of the hospital still, cept this time I'm not allowed back home or school.
I'm currently staying in a shelter and filling out paperwork for social assistance, housing, ect, ect.
It's rather surprising that this is how I started my 18th year.
Honestly I didn't even think I'll live to even 18.

I struggle with depression, self harm, anxiety, trauma, psychosis and personality disorders for as long as I could remember, --and mind you I don't remember much.

It's not so much as my parents kicked me out or won't let me back in, it's more that my doctor and all my supports aren't willing to let me go home. My home is really chaotic and very unstable place, for me to move on and live outside of the trauma this was the only option.

My friends have started a housing fund for me until my social assistance comes so I can pay initial fees and first month rent.
I'm not a big fan of asking others for money but until I get most things settled and get my welfare money I do need the help. I'll draw something small for people if anyone wishes.

This is also a PSA of sorts that mental health is really a deal.
Sure it's hard to continue school with a health condition but one rarely suspects that a health problem that is unnoticeable is the reason life collapses.

It's rather hypocritical that I was this is the way to get better yet my mind wants me dead. Or you know, reducing stigma while I'm here writing a journal "seeking attention" everything is rather controversial.

I'm on a bunch of meds for my anxiety as its the most severe and the root of a lot of problems and I'll probably be on more, but in whatever right mind I have, I hope it'll take a direction in the right way.

All this being said, I hope everyone out there will take care and treat themselves nicely and watch out of triggers. If you need advice or help, don't hesitate to contact crisis supports, friends, or anyone you can reach out to. Don't suffer it through and hope for the best, cause I'll guarantee it'll end up badly or in the hospital.

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